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How do I order discount wholesale flowers online?How do I order? How many stems in a bunch of wholesale flowers?How many stems in a bunch? How do I ship bulk wholesale flowers?What are the shipping methods? How do I pay for the discount wholesale flowers?What are the payment Methods?
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Cut Flowers
 AgapanthusAGAPANTHUS 70CMST$1.2060/ST$72.00
 AgapanthusAGAPANTHUS 80CMST$1.3560/ST$81.00
 AgapanthusAGAPANTHUS 90CMST$1.4360/ST$85.50
 AlstroemeriaFANCY ASSTBU$4.4310/BU$44.25
 AlstroemeriaFANCY ORANGEBU$4.4310/BU$44.25
 AlstroemeriaFANCY PINK MIXBU$4.4310/BU$44.25
 AlstroemeriaFANCY PURPLEBU$4.4320/BU$88.50
 AlstroemeriaFANCY REDBU$4.4310/BU$44.25
 AlstroemeriaFANCY WHITEBU$4.4310/BU$44.25
 AlstroemeriaGROWERS CHOICE SELECTBU$5.2520/BU$105.00
 AlstroemeriaPACKS PREMIUMBU$7.4315/BU$111.38
 AlstroemeriaSELECT CREAMBU$5.9320/BU$118.50
 AlstroemeriaSELECT HOT PINKBU$5.2520/BU$105.00
 AlstroemeriaSELECT MIXBU$5.9310/BU$59.25
 AlstroemeriaSELECT ORANGEBU$5.9320/BU$118.50
 AlstroemeriaSELECT PINKBU$5.2520/BU$105.00
 AlstroemeriaSELECT PURPLEBU$5.2520/BU$105.00
 AlstroemeriaSELECT REDBU$5.9320/BU$118.50
 AlstroemeriaSELECT WHITEBU$9.7520/BU$195.00
 AlstroemeriaSELECT YELLOWBU$5.9320/BU$118.50
 Bouquet12 STEM FLOWER BQTBU$4.2822/BU$94.05
 Bouquet15 STEM FLOWER BQTBU$4.8818/BU$87.75
 Bouquet6 STEM FLOWER BQTBU$2.9332/BU$93.60
 Bouquet8 STEM FLOWER BQTBU$3.3830/BU$101.25

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | ALL

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Buy Tropical Flowers
Order your Hawaiian tropical flowers grower direct or wholesale. Buy discount from the largest growers and wholesalers, with assurance of the freshness and best quality of tropical flowers from all over the world.

Tropical flowers bloom in nature, in tropical settings, and deliver an out of this world fragrance. They also have superb beauty. Orchids, Rhizomes, Gingers, and Heliconia are among the more admired varieties.

Buy Fresh Cut Flowers
Buy wholesale fresh cut flowers, grower direct, from Lewiston Wholesale Flowers. Our growers and wholesalers offer you the ability to buy fresh cut topical, wedding flowers, and bouquet flowers, from the same growers where chief wholesalers buy.
Buy Flower Bouquets
Buy wedding bouquet flowers, and premade wedding flower bouquets, wholesale or straight from the grower.

Our growers and wholesalers offer the freshest, tropical and cut flowers, for all your wedding bouquet, and mothers’ day, flower bouquet needs.

Custom Pack
Pick any of the 100 series growers / wholesalers. Mix and match your tropical, wedding, bouquets, and fresh cut flowers to create your own custom filled box.

Not only do you get exactly what you are looking for. When demand is low, you can cut down on waste, while at the same time getting the exact flowers needed for day-by-day sales, and specific varieties for special events.

Cheap Flowers Online
When you order wholesale flowers online or direct from the grower flowers, you are cutting out the middle men and getting fresher product at a lesser price. This allows you to pass the savings along to your clients.

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