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Amethystoglossum Orchidaceae Details
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Amethystoglossum Orchidaceae Category: Exotics
Genus: Dendrobium Orchidaceae
Common Name: Dendrobium
Name: Amethystoglossum
Botanical Name: Dendrobium amethystoglossum
Color: Bicolor White / Purple
Bloom Size: Large
Storage Temperature: 15°C, 59°F
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Lengths Offered:
  • It is normally a lithophyte found growing on mossy limestone cliffs.
  • The canes reach a length of about 18” and several inflorescences are produced on leafless and leafy canes.
  • The inflorescence is pendant to around 8” and carries up to forty 1” flowers which are white with a stunning amethyst lip.


Dendrobium Orchid are available year around with peak production ranges from October to April.

Care and Handling

Dendrobium are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and sensitive to dehydration, do not leave dry packed. Sprays that have started to droop should be wrapped in plastic under conditions of high humidity and allowed to drink their fill of water.Upon receiving your Dendrobiums, open boxes immediately and put flowers in a cool place. Keep away from ripening fruit, which produces ethylene gas – not only this will discolor the flowers but also shorten the vase life of Cymbidium considerably.

Cut Stage

Dendrobium orchids are cut open with 1/3 blooms from the bottom open and the top buds tight.


Dendrobium Orchids are graded Extra Large (LL) 55cm+ stem length ; Large (L) 50cm+ stem length ; Small (S) 40cm+ stem length


Dendrobium Orchid flower meaning is love, beauty, refinement, beautiful lady, Chinese symbol for many children, thoughtful, maturity, or charm. Dendrobium Orchids are named from the Greek words 'Dendron' meaning tree and 'bios' meaning life.Dendrobium Orchids are the floral emblem of Queensland, Australia and one of the national flowers of North Korea.


Dendrobium Orchids are sleeved 10 stems to a bunch, and 6 bunches to a box, shipped in trays with 5 trays to a master box.


Remove your Dendrobium from the box. If your Dendrobium Orchids arrive with water tubes, simply check to make sure the water tubes contain water then prop them upright with the tubes attached. You can give them a spritz of water for moisture.

Vase Live

Dendrobium orchids expected vase life is an average minimum of 8 days.

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